What is the BD Studios?

BD Studios is a studio that specializes in producing 3D packages for game developers. Its packages are available on popular platforms such as Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace. The studio was founded in 2022 by two brothers with an architectural education background.


BD Studios is a studio focused on providing 3D assets for game developers. The name “BD Studios” is a combination of the first letters of the names and surnames of the two brothers who founded the company.


The studio continues to produce tutorials for youtube and content for platforms such as instagram, behance, pinterest. Follow us on our journey.


Berat Doğangönül

Co-Founder & 3D Artist

BD Studios’ 3D artist and tutorial guy. Expert in 3D modeling, high poly sculpting, lighting, and demo scene. Graduated from university with a degree in Interior Architecture. Worked as an Interior Architect and Game Artist. Been playing games since childhood and aspiring to be part of the gaming industry.
Fav Games: RDR2, Witcher3, Forza Horizon Series and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Burak Doğangönül

Co-Founder & 3D Artist

BD Studio’s 3D artist and technical personnel responsible for 3D modeling, texture preparation, and package sharing. Graduated from university with a degree in Architecture. Worked as an Architect, Graphic Designer, and Game Artist after graduation. In their free time, they create pixel art drawings and watch Twitch streams.

Fav Games: It Takes Two, Detroit Become Human

Contact Us

Barbaros Street - APT 152 - 07450